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Can I lick your feet?

Can I lick your feet?

520,00 €Price

"Can I lick your feet?" originated from Louise Hapton's first internet experiences. Born in 2004, the world of the web had started vividly expanding and for her sixth birthday, Louise received an Ipad 2 mini. With it, she filmed her Littlest PetShop videos and put them on YouTube where other children liked to look at them. This animal figurine enthusiast little community was called the "LPStube", and as she was bullied in the real world, Louise had found her social paradise on this platform. At the same time, social media appeared and developed and she suddenly started "meeting" more people. But all were not children. The artist was told she would be friends with more people if she showed pictures of herself in certain situations: leg and feet pictures in tights or kneesocks for example. Lured by the pedophiles who only talked to her to use her body image for lustful needs without her understanding, Louise Hapton received more and more messages asking her to do more and more sexual things. It is only after she attempted suicide that she realized how wrong this was.


This painting deals with children and women who are constantly seen as objects, meat, and free porn by web predators. The title is one of the many sentences Louise received on her social media from an adult. She was 11. 


Original artwork by Louise Hapton

Size: 46x61cm

Technique: Acrylic paint and aerosol spray paint on paper.

Shipping from the UK


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