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Contemplation of Infinite Chaos

Contemplation of Infinite Chaos

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"Contemplation of Infinite Chaos" by Louise Hapton.


This sculpture is a first to two things for the young artist Louise Hapton: her first ceramic bust and her first piece of her "Miraculous" series,


inspired by the dark children's show "Miraculous Ladybug". This character has always fascinated Louise. In the 22nd episode of the 3rd season of Miraculous, Cat Noir, the kind, flirty superhero helping Ladybug (female superhero) becomes a villain for one episode.


This episode was extremely dark and was actually deprogrammed in some countries because of the parent's reaction to watching it with their children, even after some scenes were changed. In this episode, Cat Blanc destroys (literally, thanks to his power of destruction) the entire world, including his beloved Ladybug and the villain: his own father, Hawk Moth.


Once his power is out of control, Ladybug from the past has to travel to this alternative future thanks to another superhero to save the world against her own friend; but what interested Louise was the time lapse between the moment Ladybug travels to the future and the moment Cat Blanc kills her and all other humans and living beings.


The creator of the French show, Thomas Astruc, has answered a fan's tweet after the episode came out. "How long did he wait for, without being able to do anything, alone in this white abyss?".


"Months," replied Astruc. This contemplation of infinite chaos goes far beyond realization and self-loathing. It has made Cat Blanc mad. 

  • Curious?

    Watch an extract of the Cat Blanc Episode

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