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Doucement! Tu vas me manger la main! (おにぎり)

Doucement! Tu vas me manger la main! (おにぎり)

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Doucement! Tu vas me manger la main! (おにぎり) is a painting of the "Spleen Mon Ami" Series by Louise Hapton.


In this painting, Ayame feeds Adrien a tuna rice ball (onigiri) that she's made for him. It's the first time the blue boy feels such a delightful tingle in his tastebuds. He used to think rotten fishes in the fisherman's bins were great, but this is... a true revelation! 


For the first time that day, his eyes rounded with excitement. If only... If only Ayame (nicknamed Idéal) could make Spleen smile... 


The story of Ayame (Ideal):


Ayame was born in Kyoto, Japan, two years before Spleen.


She grew up in a traditional home with a working father, a distant mother and no siblings. To fight this terrible loneliness that she was facing, she spent her time looking at picture books.

One day, on a school trip, she went to see a contemporary street life photography exhibition by a Parisian artist. That was her revelation. That day, plunging her gaze into unknown black and white figures’, she promised herself to become a renowned photographer in Paris.


With her pocket money, she managed to buy a small camera that made poor pictures because of its cheapness. But she did it again, again, again until she became a very talented photographer.

On her last year of high school, she asked her parents to go to Europe to learn photography. They were so revulsed by the fact she wasn’t going to accept an offer from a great economics university that they ousted her, giving her just enough money to live miserably.


Instead of saving it, she went all out: she would never betray her passion. Ayame dyed her hair red as a sign of rupture from her past in Japan, travelled to France, and now she lives in Paris in a very small studio/flat in which she uses the bathroom as a darkroom.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 105x105 cm

Technique: Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Shipping from the UK


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