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Even princesses need the bar

Even princesses need the bar

570,00 €Price

"Even princesses need the bar" - By Louise Hapton.


The artist's statement from Instagram: 

"Recently I have been feeling very down because I miss London. Montpellier is way calmer. I miss the splendid tea rooms, the overwhelming chatter and the night activities… especially the bar. 
The grown up me and the child me are sort of battling when I enter a bar. Its ambiance changes my way of talking, of walking. I become way more of a woman when I order a cocktail than when I hug my Teddy Bear collection. 
However, these two sides are what make me be myself. So what if I invited my child self to have cognac at a bar in Green Park? Even princesses need the bar!

Size: 65x50cm

Technique: Aerosol and acrylic painting on paper.

Original by young artist Louise Hapton ©


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