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Exotic woman / Untitled

Exotic woman / Untitled

980,00 €Price

"Exotic Woman" by Louise Hapton.

100x100 cm Aerosol spray paint and acrylics on plexiglass panel. Behind it is an old untitled painting from the Drooling Eyes series (spray paint). The two paintings are on each side of the plexiglass panel.


"Exotic woman" deals with how black women are seen as exotic beauties and how some white men like to brag about having sex with one. Women of colour are also seen as more erotic and flirty thus the leashed panther symbolises that in reality, black women control their sexuality just as normally as others. The human figure is pointing towards a better future where black women, especially beautiful black women, will not be seen as animals or trophies.


Original signed artwork(s) by Louise Hapton

Size: 100x100cm

Technique: Spray paint/Spray paint and acrylics on plexiglass panel


Shipping from France

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