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Guided by semen

Guided by semen

400,00 €Price

"Guided by semen" by Louise Hapton is an acrylic painting emphasising with the constant fear of being a prey when being a woman. After all, it's been so internalized in society most people don't even pay attention to it. Instead of saying "educate your sons" they scream "protect your daughters" and the main issue disappears under piles and piles of similar sentences. 

Rape can happen anytime. Anywhere. Most rapes are committed by a close member of the victim. Yet in this piece, Louise Hapton deals with strangers. Beneath home. Beneath the nest, the protection bubble. Who are those men wondering in the streets, waiting for a moment of opportunity to destroy a life? 


Maybe they are haunted shadows

Guided by semen. 


Original signed artwork by Louise Hapton


Size: 46x61cm

Technique: Acrylic paint on paper

Shipping from the UK

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