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Hommes et démons (The black devil)

Hommes et démons (The black devil)

970,00 €Price

"Hommes et démons (The black devil)" by Louise Hapton.

120x60 cm Aerosol spray paint and acrylics on wood bord.


"Hommes et démons (The black devil)" emphasizes cultural violence against black people. Black men were seen as devils, as dark creatures of evil. The voodoo superstitions didn't help. But who was the real demon? After so many centuries of torture, slavery and murder against the black people, our backs are bent, our ears hurt from all the slurs they hear, and we keep asking for one thing: the right to breathe.


Signed original artwork by Louise Hapton 

Size: 120x60cm 

Technique: Spray paint and acrylic on wood board


Shipping from France



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