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It's strange being a Renegade Cat

It's strange being a Renegade Cat

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"It's strange being a Renegade Cat" by Louise Hapton is a poetic reflexion on difference. 


"The two-headed cat 

Licked its right paw

Before frowning 


A strange smell

In the back alley


A tall woman in a raincoat 

Had left it

In a damp cardboard box


The two headed-cat

Got closer

Jumping from the bin lid to the slippery pavement 


You know

In this dark alley

There was a baby crying 


And no one knew at that time

He would become


The Renegade Cat"


Adrien was adopted by Alfie and Alfonse, the two-headed cat. They found him in a cardboard box when he was little after being abandonned by his mother for his quirky appearcence. His skin, his hair, and everything he wears is blue. His mood as well. His eyes are yellow and glow in the night, like cats'. Adrien, the Renegade Cat, is an embodiement of spleen and the lucky charm of writers. He lives on house roofs, between garbage bins, but his favourite place is in struggling artist's studios whom he inspires. 


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 76x76cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK


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