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L’odeur de l’Idéal (いい匂い)

L’odeur de l’Idéal (いい匂い)

880,00 €Price

‘L’odeur de l’Idéal (いい匂い)’ by Louise Hapton. A painting from the 'Spleen Mon Ami' Series.


This is the first apparition (in non-chronological order) of Ayame, a young Japanese expatriate who lives in a dusty art studio situated inside Spleen’s territory. The young girl is fascinated by her blue friend. She has an ultimate goal: take a picture of him smiling. The task seems impossible, as Spleen has never grinned ever. But she won’t give up!


Ayame is nicknamed ‘Idéal’ by Alphonse. He believes she is the only person who could one day make Adrien happy.


This painting, in particular, occurs when Spleen notices her unusual smell. One that attracts him and makes his pupils round like an amused cat’s. The smell of developing agents Ayame uses to reveal her photographs in the dark room.


For the first time, Spleen touched her hand. This unexpected contact made the teenage girl blush instantly. Her attraction for him was born this day.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 60x90cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK


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