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Pensées n°2

Pensées n°2

230,00 €Price

"Pensées n°2" by Louise Hapton, a painting of the "Spleen mon ami" series.


Adrien is a young boy nicknamed "Spleen" by struggling artists and stray cats. He never smiles, or shows any other emotion than this profound melancholy that seized him when his mother abandoned him in a cardboard box, many moons ago. Adrien is more of a thinker than a poet. Yet his writer friends whom he inspires sometimes tell him he should write too. But Spleen is secretive. Spleen never tells anyone what he thinks about, not even to his adoptive two-headed cat Alfie and Alfonse. The "Spleen mon ami series" is majorly canvas work. Yet smaller formats, like this acrylic on A5 paper, sometimes reveal some of Adrien’s thoughts.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: A5 paper sheet (300gsm)

Technique: Acrylic markers and aerosol spray paint on small paper sheet

Shipping from the UK


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