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(S)assy Scavenger

(S)assy Scavenger

490,00 €Price

"(S)assy Scavenger" by Louise Hapton is an "Of does and men" original sculpture.


 "Of does and men (ODAM)" is one of Louise Hapton’s most iconic painting and sculpture series. In an anthropomorphic world where cruelty is the prom queen, rabbits, mice, cats, elephants and turtles hate living with each other and say it out loud. Maybe too loud sometimes… Indeed, "Of does and men" is nothing but an attempt to exit the artist’s own internal violence through her funny vision of society. The 3D Does are sexy and liberated, they express every aspect of a strong woman who doesn't give a shit about patriarchy and is sexually confident for her own gaze. 

"(S)assy Scavenger" is a chic punk woman. Her eyes are dilated by self-love... or something else. She's a real 1980s nostalgic, except when it comes to women's rights. To be honest, when you look through the lines, have things much evolved today?


Technique: Painted polymer clay

Size: Length x Width x Height = 13x15x21cm

Signed original sculpture by Louise Hapton

Shipping from The UK

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