The man behind the counter

The man behind the counter

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The "Mariage Frères" series is a series of paintings and sculptures inspired by the tea room of the same name in Covent Garden, London.  Tea has always been a great inspiration to Louise Hapton as she sees it as a real cure for her hallucinations. The more tea there is, the better it is; the more the eyes on the walls fade and disappear. In this series, she tries to capture the feeling of calmness she feels when she enters this tea room. The room is colourful, architecturally very interesting (it's a former embassy) and there is a smell of tea pastries that overwhelms the artist every time she visits.


"The man behind the counter" is the first work in the Mariage Frères series, created after her first visit to the tea room.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 61x46cm

Technique: acrylic paint on paper

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