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The wet handshake guy

The wet handshake guy

370,00 €Price

"The wet handshake guy" by Louise Hapton. 


Statement made on Instagram by the artist:

'This piece was inspired by one of my London experiences. I went to the bar to meet a group of people for a meetup after-work event (in October so I didn’t know anyone as I was new in the city). And at the moment I turned my back to order this Bel-Ami-looking guy starts telling me these exact words: « What is a pretty girl like you doing with such losers? You should quit their table and come to mine instead ». I was too stunned to speak. But I eventually did, to politely refuse multiple times. He then forcefully grabbed my hand and shook it softly while introducing himself. AT THAT MOMENT I noticed that the condensation of the beer he was holding mixed with his already moist palms was soaking my hand and I quickly removed my hand from his and responded I would remember it (meaning fuck the fuck off). 

I don’t remember his name, or his title, or his voice. Yet every time I think about this night I relive the trauma of his moist hands grabbing mine. Eww. '


Technique: Oil pastel and spray-paint on paper

Size: A3 format

Original signed artwork by Louise Hapton

Shipping from the UK

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