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Who is Louise Hapton ?

Louise Hapton is a young French writer and contemporary artist based in London. She is currently studying Fine Art (BA) at the University of Westminster and recently obtained representation from Agence BeYou Paris. 


Very early, the 19-year-old artist published both her literary and visual artwork in magazines and books. Louise is a black (Caribbean), queer, and neurodivergent artist exploring her own issues with a brush and clay.

She has many iconic collections like End of Kawaii (representing war through a creepy-cute lens),Mariage Frères, 5 years 5 psych wards (narrating her passage at the hospital during her childhood and what caused it), Drooling Eyes, Things I Wish I Could Say I Like (kinky series), and many more. Her pieces have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions all around Europe, the US and online galleries and platforms like Christie's, SOTA marketplace, FLOAT magazine or the fetish platform Charm Skool Shop. 


Louise Hapton's artwork is vivid - one thing is certain: it's not decoration. Her 2D and 3D pieces take you through her journey as a young psychotic woman of many hopes, dreams, envies, fights and wounds.


 ​On the literary side, Louise has always had a big appetite for writing fiction. She wrote her first novel "Arnold" while recovering from a dreadful attempt to take her life away. Its publication one year later when she turned fourteen gave her enough hope and strength to continue her internal fight. ​In 2022, Louise Hapton's second novel was published ("La Librairie du coin de la rue") by the feminist publishing house "Éditions Chèvre-Feuille Étoilée".


 ​The young author is currently editing her third novel, hoping to publish it in the UK or US soon.

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