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Who is Louise Hapton ?

Louise Hapton is a young writer and contemporary artist. At age 13, she wrote her first novel in French, her mother language. "Arnold" was published one year later in a small publishing house. Louise has always enjoyed drawing and illustrating most of the poems she wrote. However, she had always kept them to herself until 2021. 

Her French poems are published in several poetry magazines (Japan Magazine, Comme en poésie, L'ouvre-boîte à poèmes). And her artwork was published in magazines and exhibited in the US, Greece, the UK, France and online.

The eighteen-year-old artist is fascinated by the different perceptions of the world one can have. Some see it as red, black and white. Others see it as full of colours and beauties. But what if all of those different, sometimes opposite visions of life were mixed in a tea-flavoured world? 

In her works, the young author, painter and sculptor Louise Hapton guides us in the backstage of life, somewhere most humans are not supposed to go. She lends you her eyes for as long as you look at her drawings, sculptures, vases, and for as long as you read her writing. 

Sometimes dark-themed, sometimes erotic; sometimes as peaceful as a baby sleeping, her art is meant to deliver a message about today's world we live in, and most importantly, a strong emotion

About the Artist: Parcours
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