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Since 2021, Louise Hapton has been recycling second-hand clothes by painting on them and tearing them up. These everyday installations which she named "Wearable Artwork Series" allow us to consider an eco-responsible and artistic future for fashion, as well as a desacralisation of framed works in galleries and museums. These living paintings are unique: hybrids of fashion and art. These unique pieces transform the wearer into a work of art. Having gone through a period of psychological distress and loss of self-confidence as a result of being bullied at school, the young artist wants to remind everyone of their inner artistic beauty, while sending out a strong message against fast fashion.

In 2023, Louise Hapton has decided to focus her Wearable Artwork Series around leather and faux leather recylying. Painting on skin with a brush instead of a cutter is her new way of healing.

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