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1 000,00 €Price

'Daydreamer' is a stoneware ceramic sculpture by Louise Hapton. It represents Spleen, the main character from the 'Spleen Mon Ami' Series.


Adrien was born a little different from other babies: blue, with sharp teeth and cat eyes. For this reason, he was abandoned by his mother and unknown father in a dark alley in the middle of the night in Paris. 


Since that day, he forgot how to smile, and all his eyes can express is a very poetic gloom which’s content he keeps to himself. 


He helps Alfie and Alfonse daily to hunt and defend their territory. Since he was raised by cats, he understands both human and cat language. He likes spending his days on the roofs of Paris thinking, thinking again. Endlessly and silently.


He is also the muse of many artists, like Hugo the tattoo designer, or the bubbly photographer who constantly tries to make him smile: in vain. Alfonse nicknames her ‘Idéal’, and Spleen often wonders why. He shares their day and is the silent icon of Paris’ starving artists.


This is the first ceramic piece of the series, created during the summer of 2023.



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