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La geôlière (悪の天使)

La geôlière (悪の天使)

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"La geôlière (悪の天使)" is a painting from the End of Kawaii Series.


Lolitas, just like Anti-Kawaii Forces, are capable of the best and the worst. This particular painting focuses on a woman whom prisoners name "The Angel Of Evil (悪の天使 - Aku No Tenshi)". Her real name is Tanathos, and she is one of the cruellest defendants of Lolitaland. To her, no outside life can be spared. Everything that is not Kawaii is an offence and must die. She would be ready to kill her own friends if they ever said something about the regime she protects. Indeed, what truly motivates Thanatos isn't a possible victory in war - but massacres and violence. To scare her prisoners, she drinks blood-infused tea in a gold teapot. "It's the best possible tea" she always says. Her eyes are filled with one thing: bloodthirst.


An army is marching. They don’t wear mesh pants but cute petticoats and dresses, They will fight for their freedom and beliefs. They want peace — but will kill for it. They’re just like you and I. 


By using Lolitas, the artist is willingly choosing not to take any side. The universality of this kawaii army is the source of this series. 


But are they still this cute with blood on their hands? If you choose their side in this war, be sure of one thing: no matter who they were before, it’s the end of Kawaii.


Lolita fashion emerged in Japan during the 1990s as a radical form of street style born out of the Japanese taste for Hello Kitty cuteness. Although the term 'Lolita' has sexual connotations in Western culture due to the book of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov, in Japanese culture it refers to cuteness, elegance and modesty. Whether sweet, punk, gothic or any other of the many sub-categories of Lolita that exist, the style is characterised by outfits with a profusion of lacy frills and ruffles worn with demure accessories such as headpieces, gloves and parasols.


Louise Hapton has always been fascinated by this feminist movement and expression. She wears Lolita dresses on a regular basis and enjoys all types of Kawaii (cute) culture, especially if it has a dark twist. 


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 100x150cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK



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