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Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

820,00 €Price

"Queen of Hearts" is a painting from the "5 Years 5 psych wards" Series by Louise Hapton. 


The "5 years 5 psych wards" series retraces the artist's hospitalisation from age 11 to 16 in different children's units after a suicide attempt. Her past delirium is explained through artwork. 


Yuka was one of the "entities" that possessed Louise when she was younger. She was a Japanese fourteen-year-old half-wolf albino girl. Yuka had a strong hate of humanity and wanted to take revenge over mankind due to her past as a human (which will be told in another piece).  


She always had knives on her. Ready to pierce through flesh. By far, out of the three personalities that took over Louise's brain, she was the most evil. But somehow, she is the one the artist has most pity of. 


Now that the treatments work, she has been washed off like a bad stain. So have Aletheia and Mary. Terminated. Terminated by the eyes and the doctors. 


This painting has the particularity that it can be seen upside down.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 76x101cm

Technique: Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Shipping from the UK


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