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"Restes" by Louise Hapton, a painting from the "Spleen mon ami" Series.

Adrien, nicknamed "Spleen", is a young boy born with a strange appearance: blue with cat eyes. Because of his differences, he was abandoned by his parents as a toddler in a back alley. Thankfully, Alfie and Alfonse, the two-headed cat, both adopted the blue boy and taught him the way of cats. Spleen eats just like Alfie and Alfonse: a fish carcass is an acceptable dinner. But sometimes Spleen eats real food when he visits his best friends: artists and writers. He inspires them, haunts them almost. 

Spleen mon ami, tu ne me quittes jamais.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 76x76cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK


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