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Spleen ne dort jamais

Spleen ne dort jamais

875,00 €Price

"Spleen ne dort jamais" by Louise Hapton, a painting from the "Spleen mon ami" series.


Adrien, nicknamed Spleen by his fellow cats and artists, has chronic insomnia. In fact, it goes further than that. Spleen never sleeps. He dreams a lot, always, but his yellow feline eyes stay wide open. What is Spleen thinking about? Nobody knows, really, Adrien never expresses his feelings orally. All that betrays his internal chaos is the fact he never smiles. But Alfie and Alfonse, his adoptive two-headed cat aunt/uncle are the opposite. They are always sleepy, especially Alfonse. Alfie worries for Spleen, which sometimes keeps her awake. However, none of them have claws. They've been removed by their ex-owner before they became strays. Without Spleen, they couldn't defend themselves. The young boy has nails as sharp as a pocket knife and powerful angular teeth, which he only shows when threatened, He's the one who protects his friends from the dangers of the streets, rather they be humans, cats or corporations. As a result, Adrien (Spleen)'s body is covered in bites and scratches. He doesn't feel them. Alfonse thinks it's because he's a brave fighter, while Alfie wonders if the real pain doesn't come from his mind...


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 90x60cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK


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