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Toothy meal

Toothy meal

760,00 €Price

"Toothy meal" by Louise Hapton. A painting from the "Spleen mon ami" series.


In a dingy old park at the very top of the city, Adrien (nicknamed Spleen), as usual, brings back the meal for his two favourite cats who have no claws. But tonight, one detail shocks Alfonse. Adrien comes home with a bloody mouse. Alfonse hates rodents: he thinks they're dirty. He prefers a good fish carcass lying between two dustbins. Alfie, on the other hand, doesn't seem bothered by her meal. She's not as fussy as her brother. But she wonders whether his exaggerated reaction is really due to what Adrien is bringing, or to his face reddened by the animal's blood... Spleen usually never shows his sharp teeth. He saves them for prey and opponents during territorial battles. Thankfully, he is soft at heart. Bon appétit.


Original signed painting by Louise Hapton

Size: 60x80cm

Technique: Acrylic and aerosol spray paint on cotton canvas

Shipping from the UK


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